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The key to your success!


Make your sales take off!

Save time and money!





Peace of mind

Work from home or at the beach!

Make your sales take off!

Increase your turnover

You have a great product, but your sales are not taking off? Call on Dynamistar!

Save time and money!

You are tired of wasting your time on advertising and declarations... Save your time for what you do best: Dynamistar takes care of the rest!

The fee is 1% of your sales, all inclusive!

Simplicity, efficiency and peace of mind!

Efficiency is synonymous with simplicity!


With Dynamistar, everything becomes simple and fluid:

find peace in what you are passionate about:

Dynamistar takes care of the rest.

at the service
of education!

Dynamistar is specialized in distance learning. We offer course modules in all academic disciplines and for all ages.

Connecting teachers with
their students

Work from home
or at the beach?

Dynamistar is specialized in connecting teachers with their students. Our infrastructure allows any family to make an appointment with our certified teachers.

Do you want to work remotely ? No problem: you just have to specify your services, your rates and possibly your availability. Your customers pay in advance, by credit card. Dynamistar is in charge of collecting these payments, in order to transfer them on your bank account.

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

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